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About PBO

Bimbo Odukoya Foundation (PBOF) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, independent faith-based organization in Nigeria that provides information, resources, support and training to women and youth particularly young girls in disadvantaged communities across Nigeria.

Bimbo Odukoya Foundation is a legacy foundation established in the memory of Bimbo Odukoya, a women and girls rights advocate, and national merit award winner, who passed on to glory in 2005. The Foundation established in 2007, has continued the work she started in Muslim and Christian communities.

It envisions a world in which every woman and girl-child is not only safe but empowered to be an impact full member of society.
The Bimbo Odukoya Foundation has provided succour to indigent women and girls, some of whom have been victims of unwanted pregnancies and in need of financial and medical assistance.

It has organized several empowerment programmes for students in secondary and tertiary institutions with a view to raising well rounded future leaders.

It has also provided scholarships for indigent students at all levels of educational pursuit. In 2008, PBOF established Hope House, a shelter and rehabilitation center for victims of various forms of domestic and sexual abuse.

The Foundation frequently embarks on an assessment of the prevailing needs of its focal group and amends its offerings accordingly. Some of its initiatives include:
• The Hope House Project
• Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program (SHARP)
• Peer Education for Prefects (PEP)
• Girl’s Empowered Project (GEP)
• Community Awareness Program (CAP)


Commit to always be truthful and act with integrity in her dealings with her clients, partners, relevant government agencies and the public
Will keep the confidence of her clients and never reveal any details of any case or incidence without prior permission from the person(s) involved.
Relates to her clients with appropriate care and sensitivity to their spiritual, physical and Psycho-Social, emotional and mental well- being
Service will be made available to our target groups without prejudice to race or religious belief.