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What We Do


Hope House is  a safe house, temporary rehabilitation centre for survivors  of domestic violence  and sexual assault.  Since 2008, Hope house has catered to the needs of indigent, pregnant teenagers, and victims of gender based violence, such as rape and domestic violence. read more

A civic education and youth leadership initiative using traditional/historical leadership structures in secondary schools as a vehicle for developing leadership potential, raising awareness and civic responsibility to equip aspiring young leaders to engage In decision and policy making at a young   age.
PEP project engage in training, conferences and summer camp, to meet the need of it read more


This is an initiative that inspires, transforms and equips girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in Public  Schools, in Nigeria. Girl’s Empowered equally works with partners and donors to give underprivileged girls a good shot at having quality education through scholarships.

PBO introduced Girl’s Empowered with focus on  (STEM)Science Technology Engineering and Maths in 2016 and anticipates reaching 1 million girls by 2021. Girl’s Empowered uniquely combines the talents and resources of the private sector with the social impact focus of PBO which is to build the confidence and academic capacity of girls to significantly participate in the fields of STEM.
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PROJECT SHARP ( Sexual Harassment And Rape Prevention Programme )
Project SHARP is targeted at university students and designed to raise awareness, foster prevention and counsel victims through advocacy programs.

It is estimated that one in every five read more


Project CAP aims to educate everyone; taking the gospel of prevention of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence to the grassroots and also carrying out immediate interventions in the communities. As at June 2023, 16,129 people in 31 communities in Lagos State and Ogun State have been reached with information on having a safe and protective environment by preventing any form of violence against children and women. read more