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A civic education and youth leadership initiative using traditional/historical leadership structures in secondary schools as a vehicle for developing leadership potential, raising awareness and civic responsibility to equip aspiring young leaders to engage in decision and policy making at a young age.

The vision of the PEP summer camp is to raise leaders with requisite mental, social and moral capacity to affect their world.

The PEP project commenced in 2015 working with low income communities in Lagos as a pilot. The program’s long term vision is to work in other low income communities and post-conflict environments in Nigeria such as the Niger Delta, and the North East.

PEP project is therefore designed with the following objectives:

  • To strengthen the prefect leadership structures within secondary schools in disadvantaged communities.

  • To build responsive and accountable leadership potential for future Nigerians.

  • To create a platform for established leaders in society to mentor young people.

  • To enhance the individual and collective understanding of responsible citizenry in young people.

The PEP project organises targeted training programs, conferences and capacity building camps for identified prefects in secondary schools in Nigeria. Specifically, the projects works with local governments agencies and school authorities to identify students with leadership potential prior to their being selected as prefects and mentors them during their tenures. The core areas that the  PEP project addresses are;

  1. Responsible citizenship
  2. Accountable leadership
  3. Fighting corruption and bribery
  4. Team building
  5. Strategic thinking/problem solving skills


PEP works with experienced youth trainers, civic leaders and practitioners to deliver the action-oriented training; participatory techniques and recreational skills are used to blend theory and practice on civic education in a fun environment created for beneficiaries of the project. Benefeciaries are expected to develop personal leadership plans that will be implemented in their schools during their tenure as prefects.



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